Affiliate MMBS

Affiliate Payout Information

Q: How do you pay commissions and how often?

A: We pay your commissions on [the 1st of every month] via [PayPal / Clickbank / etc].

Q: Is there a minimum payout?

A: Your commissions need to be at least [$100] before you will be paid. Any unclaimed commissions are accumulated from one pay period to the next.

Q: Is there a withhold period before my commissions are paid?

A: There is a [1 month / 2 months] delay from the day you made your affiliate sale to the day we pay you. For example, let’s say today is January 31 and your commissions is $20. This means that you’ll receive your commissions on [March / April 1st].

Affiliate Tools For [name of product]

[Name of product] sells for [$XX]. For every sale, you get [50%] commissions, which equals to [$20].

There will be [one / two / three] one-time-offers (OTO). Your commissions at every step of the funnel = [50%]

The OTOs are:

  1. [name of OTO1 - you get $XX/sale]
  2. [name of OTO2 - you get $XX/sale]
  3. [name of OTO3 - you get $XX/sale]


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